Summer Dew Point

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Spring Flowers

I think it has been a busy May, but I'm just not sure where the days have gone.  That is one of the banes of retirement.  Days slip by.  I know I went to Rapid City to visit the folks, we have had a few doctor appointments and I took Wayne fishing.  But we have done little to no gardening. 

And despite our ignoring it, the yard is in almost full splendor.  That is one of the advantages of having all perennials in the yard.  The only annuals I plant anymore go in pots sitting among the bushes and on the porch.  And of course the vegetable garden.  

So today, I thought I would show you a few of the flowers blooming.  In the next month, you will be barraged with pictures of the peonies as they open.  Right now, I only have a few of them, but other things are blooming.  

 Laura Dessert

 Tree Peony

 Flowering Crab


 Flowering Almond Bush

 Bleeding Heart

 Apple Tree

Iris Bed

As you can see, the yard is alive with bloom.  This is what I have been working to get for the last 10 years.  Yes, 10 years this June.  

Now I just have to find someone to do the weeding.  

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