Summer Dew Point

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Gray Minnesota Day

It’s been a little bit since I last blogged. Bob is fine. Thanks to everyone that asked.

This morning I am looking out the window at gray and brown, a bleak winter picture with high winds. But yesterday morning I saw another beautiful sunrise. Our sunsets are hidden by the grove, but the sunrises can take your breath away.

Another Minnesota Sunrise

Another Minnesota sunrise.

I will stay in the house today, for several reasons. 1. The combines are harvesting and there is DUST, CORN DUST and MORE DUST in the wind. So bad for the allergies. 2. It is cold…well not cold like Minnesota can get cold…but with the high winds and 50 degree temperature, it gets cold to me. I keep blaming it on blood thinners, but maybe I am just a wimp. 3. Hubby is out hunting in the grove; deer season here in Minnesota. So the dogs and I will stay in, bake bread, frog a couple of sweaters, and keep quiet.

For years I have been very vocal about my feelings on hunting. I have always accepted that Hubby hunted, but I never wanted to eat the results. I was a Bambi lover. But I also have always stated that if I was hungry enough, I would shoot Bambi myself. Well….we aren’t that hungry, but the economy has cut down on the meat in our freezer, and a buck would fill it up. I have started eating buffalo, so I figure that some deer mixed with that or hamburger won’t taste too bad. It’s sad how my principles go out the window for food. What does that say about me?

Sister Connie and I just got back from a quick trip to St. Joe, Missouri. We went to meet our brother’s fiancĂ©. And I will have to say…I will be very glad to call her a sister. Donna is a wonderful woman, and what’s even better, she makes my brother’s eyes sparkle. We haven’t seen Charles that happy for a very long time. Thank you Donna. Welcome to the family.

Charles and Donna at the River
Charles and Donna at the Missouri River.

On the way down to St. Joe, Connie took me to the
Steamboat Bertrand Museum. For all the Archaeology friends out there that haven’t seen it, I’ll show photos later. Renee….Now I know what you mean about Museum Quality and Quality Museums. WOW.

We also saw the
Patee House Museum, the Pony Express Museum and the Jesse James House. Can you tell we all like history? I was impressed with the Patee House; wished the Pony Express Museum had more; and not as impressed with the Jesse James House. But its Renee’s fault…she taught me how exhibits should be done, so I look at all museums with a critic’s eye.

Missouri River at Sunset
Sunset on the Missouri River.

I liked St. Joe. Beautiful old buildings, nice people. And the roses are still blooming there. But I was surprised and disappointed. We were told St. Joe has about 80,000 fiber shops were found, not one! What’s up with that?