Summer Dew Point

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Right Move

Today I am looking out my south window. But it doesn’t look like my regular view. There are trees, but there are also houses. And people. And cars. I am looking at the south side of Rapid City. I told all of you that I was coming, and I have now been here for a week. I am staying with my parents, who have graciously opened their apartment for me. I have my own set of keys, so I am free to come and go. I am also free to graze in the refrigerator whenever I feel like it.
Out the south window
The view out my window. A very cold, wet day.

And I’ve been back to work, doing a job that I love; cataloging and packing up artifacts from a historic homestead. I’ve also gotten to see a lot of the people I had worked with. And it is so wonderful, working again with one of my closest friends. What is it they say? Oh yeah, it’s priceless. It skips through my mind that maybe I shouldn’t have left. Why did I retire? And when I see how beautiful Rapid City is right now, all green with flowers and trees blooming everywhere; why did I leave?

I think it is natural to doubt the choices you make. When I first get back to Rapid City, when I see the beautiful Black Hills right next door, when I see the lush green lawns and landscaped yards, when I see the beautiful houses with siding and decks, I do wonder if we made a mistake moving. I miss parents and friends being just a few minutes away. I miss the convenience of the stores. I miss the cheaper utilities, the paved roads, and the weekly garbage pickup. But…

At Anniversary Grove, I have acres of trees, birds too numerous to count and sunrises that take your breath away. Our dogs aren’t fenced and the cats roam freely. Deer, raccoon, pheasant, and coyotes are right next door. I have neighbors we have only meet once that will help you in anyway they can. We are 2 miles from a paved highway, and only see a few vehicles a day. We don’t hear sirens, motorcycles revving, car tires squealing, or neighbors fighting. At night it is so quiet you can almost hear the stars moving. And yes, you really CAN hear the corn growing.

I now have the time to pursue my dreams. And Hubby is so happy working around the place. I’m finally meeting new people, most who share my passion for fibers. And my daughter, granddaughter and sister are just a few miles away (now if the rest of the family and friends would just move closer).

So I think we made a good choice. In fact, I know we made the right choice. When I am here in Rapid, I do enjoy it. But I miss, really miss my Minnesota home. And I will be happy to head the little car back to the east again. Just not too soon.