Summer Dew Point

Monday, May 9, 2016

Heading Out

Sister Connie and I are heading out for our annual Mother's Day week with our Mother.
Mother and Dad taken by friend Josephine this year.

Of course, as normal, the weather is not the best.  Cloudy, possible rain, and very windy.  I can count on one hand the number of trips I have made across South Dakota without fighting the winds.  So, since I do most of the driving, I'll be tired and have sore wrists when I get there.  But it is worth it to see the folks, have a mini vacation and see other friends.
I lost my closest friend over a year ago, but made other new ones.  So dinner out with friends is on the agenda.  Along with a trip to my favorite greenhouse for annuals and possibly another bonsai. And this year, I have gotten to see my trees bloom before we go.  And the lilacs are in full bloom.  So I am taking some to Mother, since Rapid's are already spent.  It will be a fragrant trip with them in the car.
My lilacs in bloom.

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